URL to Graylog message in Email notification

Does anyone know of another way to put a link to the messages in the email notification?

Recently switched from version 2.5 to 4.0 and have now found out that events are no longer bound to streams. So things like "transport_email_web_interface_url " in server.conf and ${stream_url} in the email notification don’t work anymore.

I have a couple of less technical people that like to check certain event messages sometimes and that was great for an easy way to send them directly to the message in Graylog.

Hey @jharrison, this is something I tried to track down as well. I never did find a solution. We ended up just delivering the pertinent messages as email payloads (enable backlog).

In the backlog part you can email messages? Must have missed that.

Yeah, if you enable the message backlog then the message(s) that relate the the triggered alert within the specified search timeframe will be included in the email message up to the number specify.

I see what you’re saying. Yeah I have backlog enabled but at just 1 message. Maybe I’ll bump that up to 5 or something just to get more stuff in one email if needed.

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