Problem alerts to email

I have a problem that will make my head explode soon!
I used version 2.3 and everything worked fine for me.
But I decided to upgrade to version 3.3 and I have problems with “Alerts and Events”
the logs that interest me I get in my stream.
The problem occurs when a message is sent to me by email. I do not receive information about what happened. Variables do not work.
I will add pictures to make my problem more clear.
My Body Template
The message I receive
the message I should receive

he @testsia

because the message field is part of the backlog:

I still do not understand
I have in backlog in my Body Template
— [Backlog] ------------------------------------
Last messages accounting for this alert:

  • ${foreach backlog message}
  • ${message}
  • ${end}
  • ${end}

This is victory!
You must specify the parameter “Message Backlog”
it should not be zero!

I hope this helps someone

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