Upgrading to 4.3 and OpenSearch...in what order?

I had a post here recently about upgrading to 4.3 (and decided for wait the documentation to update/improve) and I am aware that I will need to migrate to OpenSearch from ES but first would like to know the correct order (and recommended method of install).

1 - Upgrade to Graylog 4.3 first?
2 - Follow the " Preparing for Migration" located here
3 - Install OpenSearch (I am running Ubuntu with no Docker installed in my system - User tarball for simplicity’s sake?)?
4 - Follow " Installation Prerequisites" located here for Ubuntu?
5 - Follow " Updating the OpenSearch Configuration" since I am using the same ElasticSearch nodes?

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Graylog 4.3 is the only version so far to use OpenSearch. So that needs to be done first.
Next, follow you documentation.

Side note: so OpenSearch has a RPM repo using YUM, but for Deb packages looks like it will be a few.

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