Direct Upgrade - Elasticsearch 7.10 to Opensearch 2


I am using Graylog 5.0 with Elasticsearch 7.10
Now, I want to move to Opensearch, but I did not find any manual on how to do that. All your docs are upgrading from Elasticsearch 7.10 to Opensearch 1.3

The only thing, I have found is:
… which is downloading Opensearch 1.3, although it should be 2.

Did anybody do that direct update with success and can tell me the “steps”?

Thank you and best wishes

I’ve been contemplating this move as well and will be watching this thread - thanks for bringing it up.

Hey @KPS

I did this about a year ago, I went from ES 7.10 to OS 1.3. it was pretty easy through documentation. once that was finished I upgrade to OS 2.0. I did start OS 1.3 and check out if there were any errors or issues then proceeded to upgrade to OS 2.0 + from there.

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