Graylog 5.0 compatibility question

I will upgrade my 4.3.9 installation of Graylog to the 5.0 version.
In the Opensearch compatibility matrix at I see that Graylog 5.0 is compatible with Opensearch 2.x, but, at the same time, it is compatible with Elasticsearch 7.10.2. So, I suppose that it is compatible with Opensearch 1.x as well. But this is not mentioned in the matrix.
Could someone confirm me the compatibility between Graylog 5.0 and Opensearch 1.x? I need it just for migration, to avoid upgrading Graylog and Opensearch at the same time.


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In my mind it reads as though you can upgrade to Graylog 5.x while retaining Elasticsearch 7.10. then once you have tested, you can upgrade Elasticsearch from 7.10 to OpenSearch 2.x. Is there something holding you from that?

This link may be helpful:

Iā€™m not using Elasticsearch 7.10 now, so I cannot retain it :wink:

Correct, Graylog 5 supports 1.3 as well as 2.x, and 7.10.

I have logged a request to have that table updated.


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