Upgrading 2.5.1 deployment to 3.0.2 with multiple nodes


I’m going to upgrade 2.5.1 to 3.0.2 and was wondering if I can do this in place? I have 18 total nodes, with 1 node being the master and web interface. Can I upgrade the master node and then slowly upgrade all the other nodes? So can I have 2.5.1 and 3.0.2 running at the same time?

Or do I need to migrate the MongoDB to another DB, bring up the new deployment, and then slowly point everything over to it?

All other items have been taken care of via the documentation (Elasticsearch versions, config opt renames, etc).

you should read the documentation:


Can you point me to the part of the documentation that answers my question?

So can I have 2.5.1 and 3.0.2 running at the same time?

Rolling Updates are not supported as some DB Changes are done in the MongoDB on update with the master. You need a full-cluster-restart, starting with the master Graylog.

Thank you, either I didn’t see that in the documentation or it needs updating?

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we do not write that explicit because if is save to make full-cluster-restart but not to make a rolling update. That depends on each release and that isn’t easy to test on bigger environments. So we recommend always, full-cluster-restart.

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