Upgrade collector-sidecar to graylog-sidecar for V3

Hi, Are there any docs on upgrading a legacy collector-sidecar to the new graylog-sidecar (on linux - Centos 7 to be specific) to be used with Graylog 3? Leave the legacy config in graylog 3 and add the new config? Just stop the legacy service and start the new service? Or is it best to delete the old config in Graylog and on the data source first before trying to configure a new style sidecar? Does filebeat need to be upgraded (currently running filebeat 5.1.2-1)? Of course I can try all of these and probably will, but if someone has already been there, done that it could save some time hearing how to do it the right way :wink: Thanks!


have you read http://docs.graylog.org/en/3.0/pages/sidecar.html#upgrading-from-the-collector-sidecar?

Thanks! I didn’t see that. It surely helps. I’m not sure it completely answers what version of filebeat is compatible, but maybe it doesn’t matter.

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