Update graylog2

HI all, how i can update graylog 2 to 3? Installing with source.

how about reading the docs?


Well, I figured out with graylog. Do I need to upgrade to version 6 or will graylog 3 work on version 5? If not, where can I see how to update the version of elasticsearch, despite the fact that it works and stores 1.5 billion logs?

Do a snapshot or a backup of your VM and try to do it step by step with the docs @jan already posted…

Even I did it successfully :smiley:


i wanted to say what i need update elasticsearch to version 6 or graylog3 can work on version elasticsearch 5?

From the page with the upgrade information:

Graylog 2.5 is the first Graylog version that supports Elasticsearch 6, the upgrade is recommended as soon as possible but might need more attention and include the need to reindex your data.

From the System Requirements page:


oh… okay,thanks for the answer.

after update i have this

if i writing curl localhost i getting this:

but if i add port 9000 i getting this:

I think this is because of nginx. I have a redirect from port 9000 to port 80 and ssl connection using nginx

Yes i use curl https://ip-addr.graylog.com and curl return me this

but if i use http prtocole curl returne me 301 error.

without knowing what you have configured nobody is able to help you - because google is your friend about http returncodes and their meaning …

Is solved. I forgot change revers proxy for graylog v3. But now i have same problems.

I made the ldap settings but they were not saved, then I went to the log and saw this:

And one last problem. How to solve it? Google did not give me the answer to this question.

configure your Mailserver that Graylog is able to send messages as this sender. Just read the error message complete.

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