Graylog Upgrade from 2.4.6 to 3.x

I am wanting to upgrade graylog (2.4.6) to version 3. Can someone let me know if I’m reading the documentation correctly in that I can’t go directly from 2.4.6 to 3? Also, if that is true can someone let me know if my steps below are correct and in the right order:

1)Upgrade to Graylog V2.5 (
2)Upgrade Elasticsearch to V6 ( #No indexes created with elasticsearch < 5
3)Upgrade to Graylog V3 (

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Graylog: 2.4.6
Elasticsearch: 5.6.16
Mongodb: 3.6.3

your idea should work, but check out the upgrade documentation if and what settings have changed and what you need to take care of.

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