Unit Test Failures When Packaging Graylog2-Server on Windows

(Bill Murrin) #1

In order to successfully pass the unit tests on Windows when packaging Graylog2, is there anything in particular I need to configure?

I’m getting the following test failures on my mvn package:

Failed tests:
  BaseConfigurationTest.restTlsValidationFailsIfCertificateIsUnreadable:264 expected:<[tru]e> but was:<[fals]e>
  BaseConfigurationTest.restTlsValidationFailsIfPrivateKeyIsUnreadable:213 expected:<[tru]e> but was:<[fals]e>
  BaseConfigurationTest.webTlsValidationFailsIfCertificateIsUnreadable:366 expected:<[tru]e> but was:<[fals]e>
  BaseConfigurationTest.webTlsValidationFailsIfPrivateKeyIsUnreadable:315 expected:<[tru]e> but was:<[fals]e>
  KafkaJournalTest.segmentAgeCleanup:368 two segments should've been cleaned (only one will actually be removed...) expected:<0> but was:<2>
  KafkaJournalTest.segmentCommittedCleanup:413 first segment should've been purged expected:<0> but was:<1>
  KafkaJournalTest.segmentSizeCleanup:312 expected:<1> but was:<0>
Tests in error:
  AuditActorTest.testNullSystem ▒  Unexpected exception, expected<java.lang.Null...

I wasn’t sure if there is an issue here or if I am not doing something correctly. Without those tests, I can successfully build the jar. Thanks in advance.

(Jochen) #2

We currently don’t aim to support Windows and don’t test Graylog on that platform. It’s unlikely to change in the future.

If you can provide PRs to fix those tests on Windows, we’ll merge them, but we won’t put any effort into fixing them ourselves.