Compile ERROR for graylog2-server when mvn package

Expected Behavior

Want to package successful with command "mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip=true"
Current Behavior

Have package successful ,but can’t display the login page , and have some error :

[ERROR] clean-webpack-plugin: /opt/graylog2-server-2.2.3/graylog2-web-interface/build/vendor.*.js has been removed.
[ERROR] ts-loader: Using typescript@1.8.10 and /opt/graylog2-server-2.2.3/graylog2-web-interface/tsconfig.json

Your Environment

JDK Version: 1.8
Maven Version: 3.2
Graylog Version: 2.2.3
Elasticsearch Version: 2.4.5
MongoDB Version: 3.2.12
Operating System: CentOS 7.3
Browser version: Firefox

Does the build fail? Because these messages are “normal” and will not lead to a build failure.

But i run the graylog2-server-2.2.3-shaded.jar ,can’t display the login page .
Have any other configuration?
Thank you!

Has the web interface been built? You can check this in ./graylog2-web-interface/build/.

How exactly did you start Graylog?

yes , have been build ,
I have a vm and import with graylog-2.2.3-1.ova ,and it is successful ,
then i replaced the graylog.jar with my new package graylog2-server-2.2.3-shaded.jar and rename it , restart the graylog service with "sudo graylog-ctl start " ,but can’t open the login page .

This sounds a lot like this:

Make sure to not build Graylog as root user.

oh , I will try it tomorrow ,thank you very much.

it’s ok ,thank you , jochen !

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