Unable to view messages on new install (Graylog 2.3 on Centos7)


This is pretty much the same as described here.
I’ve followed these instructions but eventually, no messages.
I’ve tried to check any possible log but I can’t find any issue there.
Basically, I’ve installed the sidecar-collector on one remote host (working against a previous Centos6 graylog server), configured the beat input and collectors (both input and output) on graylog srv. When I check “All messages” stream, nothing is shown even if all the collectors looks healthy (green).
I’ve tried to disable selinux as well, rebooted, nothing.
I’m trying to move from a working CentOS6 server to CentOS7, the configuration is copied from the previous which is currently showing messages as expected.

Any idea on what could be wrong on this server?

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