Unable to change default index used by 'All messages' stream

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Is there a way to get around this?I’m using Graylog 2.3.0

You can change the name of the default index in the server.conf file.
elasticsearch_index_prefix = graylog

Changing the server.conf file doesn’t work

That you need to do when you install Graylog and before starting it for the first time.

I’ve tried that. Even deleted the the index and restarted - no changes. Read somewhere on the documentation that these settings were moved to the database so I changed from the web interface which alters the number of shards but not the index name.


check the version you use and the documentation


In addition we have identified a bug in the GUI that will be fixed in 2.4

Thanks @jan - I solved it by updating the entry directly in the database

you could have used the API which is working. It is only the GUI that is broken.

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