Unable to browse "API browser" from /system/nodes

Hi ,
I have recently build a graylog 2.5.1 cluster with 3 graylog+mongodb nodes and 3 ES nodes. Everything seem to work well except when i click API browser. The graylog is behind internal nginx and all the servers in my networks are calling it through local DNS - which works well. But when i click on the API browser nothing is appearing. Kindly advise on this issue. Thanks

Blockquote (( the graylog conf from on of the nodes ))
root@mgolog1:/etc/graylog/server# grep -v “#” server.conf |grep uri
rest_listen_uri =
web_listen_uri =
mongodb_uri = mongodb://,,

  • what URL are you redirected to?
  • What does is mean "it is not reachable?
  • can you reach YOURGRAYLOGURL/api/api-browser?

Hi Jan ,

did you have set rest_transport_uri or other settings than that you have posted?

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Hi jan ,

I am afraid i did not put

root@mgolog1:/etc/graylog/server# grep -v “#” server.conf |grep rest_transport_uri

We changed some HTTP configuration options in 3.0, please take a look at the following link and see if that helps with the problem you are experiencing: http://docs.graylog.org/en/3.0/pages/upgrade/graylog-3.0.html#simplified-http-interface-configuration

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Looks like @Sargu79 is still on 2.5.x though…

Sorry, please forget what I said @Sargu79, I read:

and my mind put 3.0 somehow in there (probably too much time working on it) :smiley:

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Hi @edmundo , should i upgrade my 2.5.1 to 3.0 to solve this problem?

That should not be needed. It’s not like the older versions magically stop working :slight_smile:

Does the API work when you bypass the NGinx proxy? Can you access it correctly when you access it through the Graylog host’ own name?

Hi @Totally_Not_A_Robot yes it works when hit the URL directly in the browser (https://loghub.mydomain.com/api/api-browser)

  • adding to this thread is : is it possible to set the domain name in the graylog config ?

In that case you definitely do not have to reinstall or upgrade :slight_smile: It’s working just fine, except for the combo with the HA proxy.

Now that I think of it… should not all Graylog config point to the external facing address of the NGinx proxy? It seems odd to me that your users would access the IP/name of the NGinx box, but then Graylog would bypass it and rewrite certain URI’s to match its own address.

Returning to @Jan’s original question about rest_transport_uri, the documentation has this to say:

You will need to define this, if your Graylog server is running behind a HTTP proxy that is rewriting the scheme, host name or URI.

So yeah… Maybe you really do need to set that value. :slight_smile:

By the by @jan, let me say that I love that you guys have actually added a self-documenting API through Swagger etc. Not al projects who have an API provide these facilities.

Hi @Totally_Not_A_Robot & @edmundo ,

guess i hv fixed it with the tips you all hv given. i have added the config as below and the API browser seem to work now. Thank you so much! Appreciate all your guidance !!

rest_listen_uri =
rest_transport_uri = https://loghub.mydomain.com:443/api
web_listen_uri =


Dude that’s wonderful! Be sure to run it through its paces the next few days, try as many use-cases as possible to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

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