API-browser not working after upgrade 2.5.1 -> 3.0-0

After upgrade my api-browser shows like this:

I can curl results just fine either from graylog.mysite.fi(:80) or directly from node like Which setting have I misconfigured?
some of the relevant configs:

http_bind_address =

# Default: http://$http_bind_address/
#http_publish_uri =

# Default: $http_publish_uri
http_external_uri = http://graylog.mysite.fi/ <-- LB address, cluster with 5 nodes, LB balances to port 9000 on the nodes

so the api-browser links from the Nodes-page point to relevant nodes and seem right but the page shows like the picture on top.

Huh, odd because I have the same setup on my 3 node cluster, and I loadbalance with nginx - and the API browser works for me. You may want to check that all nodes have the proper http_bind_address and external_uri settings and that your loadbalancer adds the X-Graylog-Server header properly (in 2.5 you had to add /api to the end, in 3.0 you have to leave it off).

I commented that line out and restarted nodes, now I can use REST API also from webUI.
Maybe I somehow misunderstood the server.conf changes/guide… That the new config is that much less complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

Hei, mitä kuuluu?

Funnily enough your situation seems quite similar to this recent thread:

That also revolved around the various URIs set in the server conf.

That the new config is that much less complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why we added the simplified configuration - to make the product more usable and understandable.

Kiitos, hyvää :slight_smile:

This problem is solved as stated, your link has different version server.conf (2.x), things changed in 3.0.

Anyway replied to this mainly because the finnish I spotted ;).

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True true, but apparently the URI configs are finnicky when it comes to the API and/or proxies. Great that it’s working!

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