Two json files for Content Pack export

I have to .json files that can be downloaded as an export of my content pack.

this is created when creating a new version of the content pack, with button “Create and Download” in the last step.

this is always available when selecting the context, in tab Versions, “Download” button

the two files are different. which one is the my_content_pack.json ?

When I right click on the Download button as you stated the “Save As” you should rename it to what you want.

OR you could click on Create New version.


when you done click "Create and Download” there should be a 2 as shown in the red box.


Hope that helps

Thank you @gsmith

but this is not a question of naming. It is a question of content. The two files have a different size. And different formatting. However, as far as I can see, the content is the same, and the difference consists only in the proper visual json formatting in the first one - content-pack-3f2d787e-d3c3-443c-97ac-ba1da762182a-5.json. While the second (download.json) looks a mess - ref:image uploaded

As far as I have seen at Marketplace and Github, it is the first (properly formatted) the file that is uploaded at Github, which means the one I should use to persist and distribute my work.

If You would confirm that I am correct so far, then I would like to ask:
Is it possible to have the proper formatting without the need to create a new version?


You are correct, During the creation of the content pack the format is correct

When using this

I get the same results.

I’m not sure, I would assume it should be the same as downloading the content pack when it was created but it seams after that it put it in a block. To be honest I’m not sure why it does that, maybe someone else here has a better idea why this happens.

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