How to export content pack with REST call

(Rayees Namathponna) #1

Hi All,

I am trying to export content pack with REST API, followed REST API browser, after making the call from browser its not returning JSON or not downloading json ,

From graylog UI there is an option to download content pack json, what i am missing here!/System/Bundles/exportBundle_post_2

(Jochen) #2

What did you do exactly? Which HTTP requests did you execute in order to create a content pack?

(Rayees Namathponna) #3

From REST API browser trying this

  "name": "rayees",
  "description": "descir",
  "category": "velcat",
  "inputs": [
  "streams": [
  "outputs": [
  "dashboards": [
  "grok_patterns": [

(Jochen) #4

All entities (such as inputs or streams) have to be referenced by their ID, not by their display name.