Troubleshooting alert test, unsuccessful


Hello, I’m in the same situation than this coleague: Could not send test alert notification

Jochen said “Check the logs of your Graylog node for details about the error.”, I read the following page in order to find the log files:

I don’t have this directory at all: /var/log/graylog-server/

In running the virtual appliance, version 2.4.6-1.

Please help!
Thanks so much.

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Well, I don’t know where the logs are on that virtual appliance, but you could always sudo find / -name "server.log"

Also, perform basic troubleshooting on the network connection you’re trying to make.

  • Can the VM resolve the hostname for the mail host?
  • Can you ping it?
  • Can you connect to the port indicated using netcat?
  • Can you use another application to send mail through that host+port?


Ok, I’ll do that find, but I’ve that in different version, also the log file changes its name, not only its path.

I’m simply trying to send a test mail with a Gmail account, so I’m trying to reach From Ubuntu’s console, ping responds just fine, pinging the hostname resolves to its IP address. I didn’t check those 2 last bullets, but I’m not blocking anything going out through my firewall.

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That’s an interesting point… Does GMail still allow you to send emails simply with username and password? Or does it require application-specific passwords for all setups? In my case I had to create a seperate password for my desktop mail app.

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The defaults for the virtual appliance are just a little down the same page:

To give the mail settings in the appliance please check this command section:

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