Total messages processed per node


I am trying to create a template in Zabbix to monitor some aspects of Graylog. One of them is the total number of messages processes per node, but I can’t find in the API any endpoint with this information. Is this available anywhere?


Depending on what you exactly want to monitor, you can use these metrics (see /system/metrics in the Graylog REST API):

  • org.graylog2.shared.buffers.InputBufferImpl.incomingMessages
  • org.graylog2.shared.buffers.ProcessBuffer.incomingMessages
  • org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.ProcessBufferProcessor.incomingMessages
  • org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.ProcessBufferProcessor.outgoingMessages
  • org.graylog2.buffers.processors.OutputBufferProcessor.incomingMessages
  • org.graylog2.buffers.OutputBuffer.incomingMessages

Thanks @jochen, which is the metric most suitable metric to get the number of all messages received, from any input, before any filter, grok, pipeline, etc.?

That would be the first one: org.graylog2.shared.buffers.InputBufferImpl.incomingMessages

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Just if anybody wants, I have created a Gist with info about monitoring Graylog (journal and number of processed messages) with Zabbix.

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It would be great if you could move this to a “real” GitHub repository and add it to the Graylog Marketplace. :slight_smile:


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