Notification for graylog nodes backlog


Is there a way to set a notification from the web-console or server-side that will notify us whenever any Graylog nodes get backlogged?


such is not possible at the moment. It will be a feature request to make this possible.

OK, thanks for reply @jan

You can still create script that will query node information from REST API and send mail if there is a problem.

First get nodes:

And after their statistics:

Or better NMS system like Zabbix to query statistics and send alert it problem. If you use Zabbix you can use this template:

@shoothub But how REST API will monitor graylog backlogged node? REST API will only show the cluster-info.

Maybe I don’t understand correctly your question. Do you want to check number of unprocessed messages in node or something different?

If yes, REST API ( api/cluster/NODE_ID/journal) can return value:


Thanks, @shoothub REST API worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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