Timezone on PDF report

Hi there,

The timezone of my graylog system is displaying correctly (UTC+8) and the report configuration is scheduled at the correct time.

However, the PDF reports that are generated are shown in UTC…

Is there a way to change the timezone appearing in the generated PDF report?

I understand that this is an Enterprise feature, but I am not sure where else to raise this issue.

Thanks in advance!


Hello @billlee, welcome!

I have just tested this on our deployment and am seeing the same behavior. Our system is localized but the report is in UTC. I don’t see a place to change it.

Hi @ttsandrew,

Thank you! Still new around here and exploring graylog.

Thank you for checking. Do you know where I can raise this issue or suggest this feature?

Create bug, or feature request if there is not one:

Noted, thanks for providing the direction.

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