Timestamp widget


I have a problem with the date on widgets. In the Message Table widget I have the good date with timezone. for example : 2020-03-02 09:57:58 +01:00. But in Message count widget the date is without the timezone. 2020-03-02 08:57:58.

Someone have an idea how to fix it ?


he @LensHunnel

what Graylog version are we talking about?

hi @jan ,

I am on graylog 3.2.1

@LensHunnel can you make a screenshot? I do not understand what you mean with Message Count widget.

The message count widget does not have a timestamp.

The number widget where you can have a max(timestamp) series, presents to me the
timestamp with the the correct timezone :confused:

Hello @konrad ,
As you see in the image below, on the first widget the last time is around 14h28 but on the second widget “All Messages” the last message is at 15h28…Thanks

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