"timestamp" - Incorrect Gelf format

Hi all,
i’ve just upgraded to 2.3.1 from 2.2.3-1
and i’ve got the following warning in my server logs

2017-08-29T07:41:08.275Z WARN  [GelfCodec] GELF message <6bab3830-8c8d-11e7-a04e-001b21a1e838> (received from <>) has invalid "timestamp": 1503992468.25521  (type: STRING)!

I saw https://github.com/whir1/serilog-sinks-graylog/issues/14
but i really did not understand if this was fixed in 2.3.1 or if it will be fixed ?
Is there a work around that i could use?


You have to fix the GELF clients sending in invalid GELF messages.

This being said, it’s just a warning and the message is being processed by Graylog – before Graylog 2.3.x this happened silently and people weren’t aware that they receive broken/invalid GELF messages.

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