Still Warning when receiving gelf from rsyslog

This was an older issue form 2018 Timestamp warning when sending GELF from Rsyslog
But it was closed and discussion there is no longer possible, because of that I opened new topic.
I am using the latest version of graylog 3.1.3 and
still get the same Warnings in log. But these are more than Warnings, because all those messages are not accepted into graylog, I can not find them in graylog. The hint in that other topic from Jan was that “It looks like the timestamp is not allowed to contain microseconds what is causing the issue.” It looks issue is still there.
So the best way to proceed is to open issue in ?

he @lecko

we let old threads closed automatically for a reason.

If you feel that this is a bug you run into - yes please create a bug report in Github. But before, please look if someone else had opened one that describes your problem.

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