Tcp acks in graylog

I am using graylog and sending tcp data
using serilog.sinks.syslogmessages NuGet package. Now how can I be sure that message has delivered as there is no exception even server is off. Please resolve the issue.

@Haripatel I am not sure which Graylog version are you using and what is purpose of NuGet package you have installed but you can refer below document in general where you can take a look of default TCP port to secure Graylog.

Exception occure even though connection is stable due to missmatch or unexcepted value in required field of the inputs. You should check your server.log for more details to avoid exception even after server is off. Hope you will get some traces in log file and according to it you can proceed with troubleshoot.

I hope this will helps you :slight_smile:

I am using graylog 3.3 version and I am using input “tcp syslog”. I am using serilog for logging in to graylog. I am logging through my c# code. But when I am making ilogger instance even if graylog server is off then also no exception is received. So during the communication if inbetween server goes off then how I will be sure if messages got delivered successfully or not. Is there any way to ensure the message delivery.

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