graylog tcp input

When I send logs to graylog-server through the tcp link of my own client, after I close the graylog-server, the client can still write messages in the tcp channel. The client does not seem to know that the server has closed the link. It seems useless to detect the written error value, how can I quickly know that the server has closed the link

you should implement a shorter tcp timeout or send regular open/close events.

Thanks, I thought of the tcp timeout method。but I have new problems
Problem description: When the log is sent normally, I deliberately close the gray log. At this time, the tcp write will time out, then I will write the remaining log to be sent to the local file, and wait for graylog to resume and send it again. After I finished the above test, the number of logs received by graylog is less than what I sent. I do n’t know if it is because the graylog is forcibly closed and some messages are lost in the tcp pipeline. Is there a way to solve this?

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