Syslog TLS Integration : Infoblox <-> Graylog

I m seeking your help. Does anyone know how to enable tls communication between graylog and infoblox ?

UDP works great. TCP too. But when I try to enable TLS, things start going crazy. How can I do that ? I can see messages arriving on Inputs but encrypted.

I’ve attached to the input a crt file(certificate) file and a private key.
RSA Public-Key: (4096 bit)

I also attached and i don’t way CA chain of infoblox. Since they don’t have tha CA, i said maybe “TLS Client Auth Trusted Certs” filed would like it.

Any help please ?

Thank you,

Hi @small,

Given that no one’s replied here, it’s likely because there’s no one in the community who has experience with Infoblox. I can certainly say that I have no experience with it. What I would advise you to do is provide as much detail as possible (see the Community Guidelines. In this case, I’d suggest screenshots for the Infoblox communication and how you’re trying to ingest Infoblox logs in Graylog. This is going to be your best best, as the more information you provide the community, the more we’re able to help.

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