Stream will not start

I just created a new stream, added rules, etc. But it will not start. Out of curiosity, I stopped a stream that already existed, and now that one won’t start either! Graylog 4.0.1.

I am new to Graylog… I know you can see some info about Streams starting if you click on System/Overview… Overview… scroll down to System Messages.

@knobbysideup is there some error that appears in a red box from the top of the stream when you attempt to start it?

No there isn’t. The button stays green with “Start Stream”

This is behind an apache reverse proxy if that makes any difference. I have had proxy problems before that have been resolved by updates.

Like @dickinsonzach said, do you see anything in the system messages indicating why the stream didn’t successfully start?

No, there is nothing in any logs anywhere indicating a problem. I fear this may possibly be a UI problem?

All of my existing streams are working. If I pause one of them, I end up not being able to start it again. I logged out as my normal user and logged in with the default admin user, and still have the problem.

So are messages actually populating into the stream? If it’s just a UI problem not indicating the stream is running then you should be able to see new messages populating the stream since that’s determined by the message indexing / searching.

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