Stream page doesn't show field options

I am trying to set up graylog for my pfSense logs. I currently have the stack installed using docker containers. I have imported a pfsense content pack (extractors), and set up a stream. I do have data successfully going into my instance that I can see on the input screen, and it is making its way to the Stream as I can also see the data flow there as well.

On the input page, if I go to manage extractors, select one of the logs and test it, it will properly sort the data into labeled fields. If I then go to the Stream page, to the stream I created, My issue is that in a tutorial video ( it appears that the labels from the extractor should appear on this page somehow so that you can select what data is shown. On my Stream page I can see the data history, I can also see the messages, however I don’t see any of the fields with checkboxes. Is this something that I should be able to see, and if so how do I set it up?

Here is a screenshot of my panel:

Thank you!

Hi @brohan,

we changed the layout of the search page in 3.2 and with that the fields are now “hidden” to give the search more space.

Here is how you can see your fields:

I hope this helps.

- Konrad

That does help, thank you very much!

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