Parsing Logs On Graylog

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Good day dear friends, please am new on graylog. I have been able to successfully forward logs to graylog. But i can only see the raw logs under “message”. Please how do i extract the fields i would like to see from the message. fields like source ip, destination ip, source and destination ports and all. Thanks

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You can create custom extractors or pipeline rules to split the raw log message into the structured attributes you want to query:

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Thanks, i checked the documentation already. it worked for the test message. but i was expecting to see the field i created when i check System>Inputs and click on a stream but it still didnt.

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Is there a way i can make the field global so i would be able to query it anywhere? Thanks

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Thanks guys, i got it fixed. I really appreciate.

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Maybe you could describe what the issue was and how you’ve fixed it, so that other users can profit from your knowledge. :wink:

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Okay i will; thanks.

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I made use of extractors…

  1. Navigate to this System > Inputs > (Click on the Stream you want) > Manage Extractors > Create your own extractor.
  2. I added this under the grok pattern: src=%{IP:Source} and i extracted it.
  3. Went back to Start Input to refresh and see the changes made.
  4. Then i showed the received messages and it worked perfectly fine.

I hope this works for you guys. I would keep working on others though-source and destination ports and all

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