Strange index time ranges

One on my indexes looks realy wired ! 52 year old :slight_smile:

How I can fix it (recalculating index do nothing )?

Welll… I know nothing about your environment, I don’t know of anything about what you have tried to do to figure it out yourself… I don’t know if you upgraded/changed anything recently…

On the other hand I have a similar issue to this to which I attribute my mistakenly upgrading Elasticsearch beyond 7.10.2… which is the last supported version… maybe you made the same mistake as me? Hard to tell.

On a side note - there are a couple of post to check out here and here that give hints on how to post a question in the forum… :grin:

Adding on to @tmacgbay FYI if it was 52 years ago that would make it 1970 "My birthday year :partying_face: " so you have a date/time issue :smiley: on the index

  1. You are right! My elastic is 7.16.3. I made an wide update when Log4Shell appears.
  2. My next questons will more consistent with the rules of the forum.
    Thanks for solution.

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