Index range issue

Currently using an older version at the moment. 2.2.3 I keep getting this message for most of my index sets lately as indexes rotate. Not sure what triggered it this hasn’t ever been an issue up until lately and nothing configuration wise has changed. “Time range of index is unknown, because index range is not available. Please recalculate index ranges manually”

Recalculating manually does work and only takes a few seconds. Elasticsearch is healthy and performing well. Searches are quick, dashboards load just fine as always but having to recalculate everytime an index cycles is getting tiring. For now as a band aid I have written a script to automatically do this via the restful api but I feel like there has to be more to why this behavior all of the sudden popped up. I haven’t found much info on this and perusing the GL logs hasn’t pointed me to anything yet either. Any help would be appreciated.

He @Aries135

did you checked the elasticsearch log file? maybe this will give you some ideas what had happened.

Maybe you hit some of the limitations mentioned in and your Elasticsearch needs to long to create the indices what cause a timeout in Graylog. But that is only guessing with the :crystal_ball:

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