Strange Graylog UI issued related to cookies in Firefox

I was having this strange issue copying and pasting large amounts of text from the Graylog UI to text files/other browsers.

Since version 2.4 and through 3.0 I’ve been having this issue that if I tried to copy a “large” (greater than ~800characters) syslog message from the graylog UI using firefox, it would only paste the first ~800 characters of the message into whatever I was pasting it into. I only really noticed it when copying/pasting the message field in a search. The fix was to delete the browser cookies. I’m not a web developer so I’m not sure why/how that fixed it, but once I cleared the cookies, I was able to paste the entire >1200 characters into the text file.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else was having this issue.

Any thoughts on why clearing the cookies would have fixed it? I’m curious.


you might want to create a bug report over at github … if you can reproduce that.

it’s fixed… Clearing Firefox’s cookies fixed it, I’m not sure I can reproduce it. If it happens again, I will certainly create a bug report.

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