Spamhaus-drop missing data adapter

Setting up Threat Intelligence lookup and receive the below errors for spamhaus-drop - all other indicators appear functioning, tested with know good and bad IPs. clean install of 3.0 beta 3 ubuntu 16.04 package install, upgraded to RC1 via package update. Content packs look good, lookup table and cache return expected results - when i go into data adapter for spamhuas i receive only this text error “Unknown data adapter type FallbackAdapterConfig. Is the plugin missing?” I have since diabled the plug-in to stop the server log from scrolling.

2019-01-31T09:48:22.185-05:00 WARN [LookupTableService] Unable to load data adapter spamhaus-drop of type FallbackAdapterConfig, missing a factory. Is a required plugin missing?

2019-01-31T09:48:24.864-05:00 WARN [LookupTableService] Lookup table spamhaus-drop is referencing a missing data adapter 5c530770d5b29e057d041731, check if it started properly.

2019-01-31T10:10:50.118-05:00 WARN [LookupTableService] Lookup table does not exist

you might want to open a bug report over in the server repo on github - that could help us to fix this.

submitted bug issue on github -

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