Greynoise Data adaptor not present. Lookup table

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I’ve looked and it seems this is meant to be installed by default?
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Hi, I’d like to setup the greynoise community api data adaptor but it is not listed as an option in my adatpors in the lookup tables.

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    Ubuntu Server 20.04
  • Package Version:
    Graylog 4.3.11 Elastic 7.10 and Mongodb 4.4
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You need to create a data adaptor - there is no built-in available.

Step 1 - Create a Data Adapter
Navigate to System → Lookup Tables and select Data Adapters
Click create adaptors -

So my understanding is there should be existing Greynoise data adaptors to select to create? this is what I see to create.
Every time I try and upload a screen shot this site blocks me but Those two opens for greynoise community and Greynoise quick Ip are not in my Data adaptor list to create.

Managed to upload a screenshot.

I am running GL - Graylog v4.3.9+e2c6648, it was there as per I know. i just added data adaptor to use it.

It is no biggie I can build my own using the http json path DA like I have for Virus Total etc. Just wanted to setup greynoise and seeing doco saying some of the heavy lifting should be done. Seems graylog have removed this in 4.3.11 so maybe don’t upgrade.

I have tested Greynoise - Only Limited to 500 queries I guess for the community - paid version may have more.
I use MISP works for me.

I’ve looked at MISP and IntelOwl but would really prefer to not have more stuff to run. :smiley:

Hey @David_W

Make sure you install all of your plugins.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install graylog-server  graylog-integrations-plugins 

You should be able to see this.

I did notice the documentation is limit with instructions “HowTo installing Graylog 4 on ubuntu.”

Actual the doc’s for Debian are much better here.

Nailed it great pickup.

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