SonicWall TZ470 to Graylog in a Docker on Ubuntu

It is my understanding that Graylog can take syslog input from any device. That said, can I configure a SonicWall TZ470 to send Syslog data to Graylog running in a docker on Ubuntu and then work with those logs WITHOUT an Enterprise license or the SonicWall Add-in?


Hello && welcome @james.hickey

Sort answer is yes you can. But how you set it up might take some finesse.

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Thank you,
I’ll give it some more effort then post back here with any questions. I just didn’t want to continue troubleshooting if it was something I couldn’t do to begin with.


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I am sending SonicWall TZ470 data to Graylog via syslog. I’ve set up my own pipeline rules which are in these forums somewhere. Happy to help if you have specific questions about the SonicWall end of the setup, but I’m a bit of a Graylog amateur.


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