Sonicwall Syslog

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Setting up extractors, pipelines, for Sonic Wall - to parse through Syslog messages for various devices (Sonic Wall firewall, windows server, synology etc…)
Wondering if there is an open source content pack that can make my life easier? (new to graylog)
Alternatively - is there an enterprise feature/plugin that can help to do what i am looking for
Or do i have to learn extractors, pipelines. grok/reg ex… etc?
Overall goal is to create dashboards, setup alert/notifications for anomalies/thresholds across network devices/servers etc.

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Hello and welcome!

There is a marketplace where people share their work but it is not particularly structured - meaning that there is a lot of stuff there that only works with older versions of Graylog or is highly tailored to the creators environment… that being said, it s a great reference place to pull information and build your solution.

Yes you have to learn extractors, pipelines grok/reg etc - if you want to put a great system together! Alternatively you can purchase Graylog and use their products (such as illuminate) to leap ahead of some of the learning curve. You can get the basic enterprise version (no Illuminate) for free use as long as you keep your logs below 2GB per day.

If you stick to opensource, you can always post in the community here for help! :slight_smile:

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