Slack Notification Not Working for Mattermost

Hi I am new to Mattermost and Graylog from what I could gather Mattermost should be Slack compatible If I am mistaken kindly correct me.

If I setup a notification in Graylog 4.0.6 with the Slack Notification using a Mattermost URL I get

Please specify a valid webhook url

I believe there is a regex that only works for slack formatted URL’s so users don’t make a mistake but it blocks Mattermost from working though

If you install Release 3.1.0 · graylog-labs/graylog-plugin-slack · GitHub then it is possible to use Mattermost with a Legacy Slack Alarm Callback

Following these instructions

The coming problem

Legacy alarm callbacks are deprecated and will be removed in Graylog 4.1. Please switch to the new notification types as soon as possible!

Then the current hack solution will be dead. :sob: :scream:

Developer gods please hear me (and others) plea!

Thank you for a very cool product!

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