Sigma and Graylog


Windows servers send logs to Graylog (Winlogbeat, Sysmon…)

My boss want I use Sigma, but for yet, I don’t understand how to use it.

I have read the documentation…

So, I installed Python3 and do “pip3 install sigmatools”

I downloaded “sigma-master”, so I have lot of yml files.

But what are the manipulations to do on Graylog.

Thank you.

AFAIK Sigma can output the search that you need to run in Graylog - but not sure about that as I personal did not use that (currently)

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Yes, I try and have a thing like that:

C:\sigma-master\tools> python sigmac -t graylog -c config\generic\sysmon.yml ..\rules\windows\sysmon\sysmon_mimikatz_detection_lsass.yml**

(EventID:"10" AND TargetImage:"C\:\\windows\\system32\\lsass.exe" AND GrantedAccess:"0x1410")


C:\tools>*python sigmac -t graylog -c config\generic\sysmon.yml ..\rules\windows\sysmon\sysmon_susp_rdp.yml

((EventID:"3" AND DestinationPort:"3389") AND NOT (Image:("*\\mstsc.exe" "*\\RTSApp.exe" "*\\RTS2App.exe" "*\\RDCMan.exe" "*\\ws_TunnelService.exe" "*\\RSSensor.exe" "*\\RemoteDesktopManagerFree.exe" "*\\RemoteDesktopManager.exe" "*\\RemoteDesktopManager64.exe" "*\\mRemoteNG.exe" "*\\mRemote.exe" "*\\Terminals.exe" "*\\spiceworks\-finder.exe" "*\\FSDiscovery.exe" "*\\FSAssessment.exe" "*\\MobaRTE.exe" "*\\chrome.exe")))

In my case the problem is the field name… But it’s interesting.

Thank you.

Those rules insist that you have information extracted in a special way or what is called normalized.

You should check the rules and the sigma reference what fields should hold what content.

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