Graylog3 Add fields from message



I have some Windows clients and servers.
They have Sysmon, and log are sent with Winlogbeat to Logstash, then Logstash send it to Graylog with GELF type.

That works, but I have this:

Like you can see, the red arrow shows the field who I have, but how can I have the fields form the blue arrow? (Image, SourceIP, DestinationIP…)

Thank you.

Ok, Finally it’s ok ^^

1 system / Inputs
2 Manage extractors (on your input)
3 Get start
4 Load messages (an example of your logs)
5 On the part of you need click “Select extractor type” -> Regular Expression

So I have this:

Then I complete like this with: User:[\s]*([^\s]*)

And save:

So, I have:

Then, if we check:

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

if you would send the messages direct from winlogbeat to the beats input in Graylog you would not need the parsing … just to have it mention.

Thank for suggestion, I will try it.

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