Sidecar not collecting logs

I have configured sidecar to collect all the logs on 2 different servers (Graylog Server and different centos server). Graylog server logs are collected by Sidecar and displayed properly on the graylog server. But it’s not collecting logs from other centos Server which is using the exact same configuration. I have checked the iptables on the graylog server and port 5044 is open. do I need to open the port on the client machine as well which used firewalld?
If not, do I need to make any changes in filebeat configuration file on the client?

Can you post the (nicely formatted with the tools above) sidecar and filebeat logs in /var/log/graylog-sidecar/? Not all of it, just the relevant parts. usually those have good information as to what the problem is.

I got it working. I had to modify the security groups to allow traffic and it started working

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Post how you found it and what you changed for others who search for solutions in the community… :slight_smile:

I configured the graylog server on Ec2 Instance and the default security group will allow only port 22 and 443 which is blocking connections to 5044. So I modified the security group to allow connections from a subnet to port 5044 and it started working.

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