Sidecar Bulk Management

We’ve pushed out the graylog sidecar to our endpoint devices which is awesome but I’m wondering if there are any bulk management options available?

Right now, I can select, at most, 100 devices at a time to apply a sidecar policy or something like that. The filtering is also limited so that I can’t say ‘devices with no winlogbeat on windows configuration’ but instead can only query on status of the sidecar which is sometimes helpful but not for pushing out new configs and not accidentally overriding existing configs.

I might be missing something so thought I’d ask if people have any preferred way of managing large amounts of sidecars and applying configs to them?

some kind of tag management will be added to the Sidecar over time - many people, that use some kind of configuration management use the ability to assign the configuration via the API.

Something similar might be out for the sidecar.

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