Graylog config sidecar for 700 client windowd

Hi guys

I have a project with 700 Windows clients and 50 Windows servers
I want to use winlogbeat with Sidecar,
does anyone have an idea?
Is there a better way to run it?
Thank you very much for your help

use the configuration management that you have available to configure winlogbeat?

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hi John
Thanks for answering the question
I don’t know exactly what you mean …!
The number of clients is very high
I need a roadmap

In our company…
We use graylog sidecar, with pre config with servername, etc. preset, and with silent config.
You can hand it out with GPO, SCCM, etc
After that, you can set the computer’s config on the Graylog 's webpage.
So no client handwork needed.
One GPO/SCCM config, one graylog config, and a manual bingibg on the graylog’s WUI.

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I have good experience with WAPT for client configuration management (deployment), which is scriptable in python:

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hi macko003

Your solution is great
thank you so much

hi shoothub

thanks for your good guide

WAPT server is similar to Puppet & Anisible

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