Sidecar 1.0.0 and RHEL5

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We have a few remaining boxes with a RHEL 5 OS. The Go version used to compile sidecar 1.0.0 is not supporting that OS. Even if that OS is EOL, we have to maintain the boxes for several month. Would it be possible having a “compat” version of the sidecar 1.0.0 build with Go 1.7.6 (as it was done with the 0.1.7 version of sidecar ) ?


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I’ve built some compat packages and added them to:

Let me know if it works.

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The compat package started without error on REHL 5 (the regular one was crashing complaining on epoll).

I will let you know if I encounter issues later.

Thanks for the quick response and custom build.

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I can comfirm that the compat package is working fine in REHL 5 when using a compatible version of filebeat (5.2.2 in my case).

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