Sending Log4j message to GreyLog doesn't work

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I’m trying to send JBoss server’s Log4j logs to graylog server which doesn’t work and below are the steps which I did

  1. Added gelfj-1.1.16.jar in the dependency and placed in the classpath

  2. Added below entry in the log4j XML:

    appender name=“GRAYLOG2” class=“org.graylog2.log.GelfAppender"
    param name=“graylogHost” value=“”/
    param name=“originHost” value=“”/
    param name=“extractStacktrace” value=“true”/
    param name=“addExtendedInformation” value=“true”/
    param name=“facility” value=“gelf-java”/
    param name=“Threshold” value=“INFO”/
    param name=“additionalFields” value=”{‘environment’: ‘DEV’, ‘application’: ‘DWINTProduction’}"/

    priority value="${jboss.server.log.threshold}"/
    appender-ref ref=“CONSOLE”/
    appender-ref ref=“FILE”/
    appender-ref ref=“GRAYLOG2”/

NB: Removing "< >"
Below are my server versions

JBoss - 5.2
GrayLog - 2.2

and I don’t get any message in the greylog server - Also I don’t see any error message related to GELF/Log4j in the JBoss logs either. Could anyone please advice if I’m missing anything

Thanks in advance,

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