Could not send GELF message: null

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Hi Team,
I am trying to configure log from tomcat setup to send to Graylog server. But getting the following error. But in the same server i have one more i am able to get logs from there.

java.util.logging.ErrorManager: 5: Could not send GELF message: null
at biz.paluch.logging.gelf.GelfUtil.getSimpleClassName(
at biz.paluch.logging.gelf.jul.JulLogEvent.getValue(
at biz.paluch.logging.gelf.jul.JulLogEvent.getValues(

Reference Link :
Tomcat version : tomcat-7.0.23
jar files : commons-pool2-2.0.jar

Server side iptables are stopped. File entries

Raghu Reddy

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The NullPointerException looks like a bug in the logging library.

Try filing a bug report at

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Thanks for the update.

Below is the scenario, Both the tomcat version are same.

We have two servers server1 and server2 and in each server there are two Application App1 and App2.
We are able to get logs from both applicatin logs of Server1. But for server2 we are not able to get logs from Application2.


Can you please help with this, same library is working on first server.

Or is there any other way to get logs to graylog server.

Raghu Reddy

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