Logging libraries from Graylog

Hi Team

Is log4j-gelf official library from graylog?


Actually, we are trying logging to Graylog using log4j-gelf library. In failover mode unable to log the data to fallback appender. Same configuration works with database appender failover. Can you please provide some sample configuration.


There is a Log4j 2.x GELF appender in Graylog Labs, which means it’s not necessarily supported by Graylog, Inc.

This being said, there are a lot of GELF appenders for different Java logging frameworks on the Graylog Marketplace:

Personally, I’d suggest using https://github.com/mp911de/logstash-gelf

Hi Srumith

The log4j2 appender from https://github.com/mp911de/logstash-gelf can be wrapped in a fail-over appender.
You have to set ignoreExceptions to false to propagate the exceptions to the fail-over appender


I wonder which type of appender you want to fail-over to. A file appender to buffer the log events locally ?
Do you intend to send these buffered events to Graylog when it becomes available ?
In that case, I’d like to know how since I am trying to do that as well.


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