Send syslog problem on RedHat 4 server

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I want to send syslog to Graylog server on RedHat 4, the rsyslog version is “rsyslog-2.0.6-0.1.el4”

it seems the rsyslog version too old, Graylog server cannot revice the syslog from the Linux 4 client.

Does anyone know how to send syslog on a old version Linux server?

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why did you think that this syslog version is not able to forward log files?

Did you tried this one?

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Yes, I have configured the rsyslog.conf on client with the guide.

Also I can see below information in inputs on Graylog web console.

**Throughput / Metrics
**1 minute average rate: 0 msg/s
**Network IO: 0B 0B (total: 198.9KB 0B )
**Active connections: 1 (1 total)
**Empty messages discarded: 0
**Show details

But when I click “show received messages” it shows nothing found

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@hezj did you created on purpose some log messages?

logger This is my Graylog test message on $(date)

Did you set the time to more than the last 5 minutes? Maybe the time on the sending server is wrong.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
It works after I restart the Graylog service on Graylog server.

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