No able to send Logs from Linux Machine to Graylog

I have just installed Graylog 2.2 on my Linux Virtual Machine, but When trying to send rsyslog messages from Linux Clients, I am not able to see anything Graylog Web.

Kindly help, I am New to Graylog.

Firstly, why have you installed Graylog 2.2? The latest stable version is Graylog 2.4.6

  1. What input are you using to receive the messages from rsyslog on the client machines?
  2. Is that input definitely running?
  3. Is there a firewall blocking the packets being sent?
  4. How are you configuring rsyslog to send the logs to your graylog server?

Knowing all of the above should mean that you/we’re able to troubleshoot this issue.


Hi Ponet,

Thanks you so much for your reply.

I have installed 2.2.3 just because we have similar setup installed in some other account.

  1. I have configured syslog-TCP and syslog-UDP inputs.
  2. Yes input is now running after I added two IPTables rules on my Graylog server and I am able to receive the Logs on Web GUI now. :slight_smile:

Seems it is resolved now. Thank you again for the response.

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