Send single server logs to multiple Graylog

Is this possible to send a single server log to multiple Graylog servers at the same time?
My Current Requirement: In my organization, we have 2 Graylog clusters for different logs. There is an application server and I want to send the logs of this application server to both the Graylog at the same time. Can we do this using sidecar or collector?

Graylog Version: 3.1.2
Elasticsearch Version: 6.8

A quick response will be appreciated.

This is possible when we use collector for one Graylog and sidecar for other Graylog. But is there any configuration that we can do in sidecar/collector-sidecar to send logs to multiple Graylog at the same time using single sidecar configuration?

You can also use output, to send logs from one graylog to another:

Why not create second sidecar configuration with different filebeat/winlogbeat host:

   hosts: [""]

And asign to filebeat host…
This way you will have 2 filebeat/winlogbeat running on the same host, one sending logs to one graylog server and another one to second one…

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